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Beginner Breakdown 

A Quick Guide to Ages, Genres, Sessions and Pricing

Class Ages

First, classes are broken down into age groups;

Ages 2-4
Ages 3-6
Ages 5-8
Ages 8 & Up
Ages 12 & Up
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Class Genres

Classes are then divided into various genres that represent a certain style of dance:
Tot Classes (Creative Movement, Leap and Learn etc)
Hip Hop
Musical Theater

Sessions Schedule 

We dance all year long! Classes are broken into sessions throughout the year to accomodate changing schedules. We like well rounded kids that can participate in more than one activity during the year and offer multiple program schedules for that reason:

Spring and Summer Programs
Spring Session (Typically May through early June)
3-4 Weeks Long
Summer Session 1 (Typrically mid June through mid July)
3-4 Weeks Long

Fall and Winter Programs
Tot Class - Non Recital
7 Weeks Long
Full Year Recital Program (September through early May)
30 Weeks Long
Fall Non Recital Program (September through December)
14 Weeks Long
Winter Recital Program (January through early May)


Further Details:

How Much Does

It Cost?

Classes costs vary by length of season and length of each class.

See more by clicking here 

Each genre has a specific attire, but nothing is ever required.

For more detailed attire descriptions click here

In general, we don't have a lot of rules, but if you would like to learn more, you can find the answers here!

Still Have Questions?
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