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Competition Classes

Competition Fees 
Classes Run September- May
(Tuition does not include Competition and Costume fees)
   Solos(30 minutes per week)        
   Duet/Trio(30 minutes per week)
   Groups(45 minutes per week)        
Payment Plans
We will also offer fundraising opportunities to offset costs!
15% Discount for Paid in full before start of classes
Monthly Payments (Requires auto payment or credit card)


Competitive classes are offered for those students wanting to further challenge their abilities. Students are always held to the highest standards and expectations in all classes, but the competitive edge can sometimes give students the extra motivation to achieve their best. Any and all students wishing to participate will have that chance. No one is excluded from participation. All dancers will be placed in a company that best fits their skills and focus level.



 Revel dancers will take the opportunity that a competitive environment provides that may push them further than classroom walls may take them. Competition gives students the chance to see what other dancers are capable of and be inspired as well as being given the chance to be inspiring to others. Frequent performances also allow students to feel confident on stage. When they are able to feel confident about what they are doing dancers can really shine. 

The advantage of hearing judges’ feedback and commentary gives dancers another experience to be all they can be. We want the benefit of competition to be inspiring and motivating. Only competitions that set this tone will be attended, but the benefits do not stop there. Dancers will develop skills that they can take beyond the studio. Many which will last a lifetime including making goals and focusing on them, team effort, support, respect, discipline, strength and confidence.

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