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Dana has a sweet, enthusiastic, and fun personality that attracts students to her.  She is an incredibly talented, versatile teacher and makes learning easy.  She makes her students feel welcome and comfortable learning something new and challenging.  She is VERY encouraging, motivating, and patient.  She breaks down the routine making it easier to learn and remember.  She asks the kids for input on things they’d like to learn how to do or new tricks they’d like to try.  She has a special gift to be able to translate movement concepts into a language that makes sense to her students.  She cares about her dancers health and keeps up with the latest and best information on safe teaching practices.  Our 8 and 16-year old daughters have been taking dance instruction with Dana for several years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!  They have enjoyed traveling with Dana on her competition team as well and have earned many awards with their solos, duets, and group routines.  We highly recommend dance instruction with Dana.  She builds strong dancers and wonderful character traits in her students, constantly encouraging them to be the best they can be in ALL areas of their lives. 


Andy & Debbie H.- Dance Parents



My kids have been dancing with Dana for the last nine years and continue to learn new dance moves and tricks as well as life lessons from her. She is not only an upbeat, positive, energetic teacher, but she takes the time to listen to and talk with the kids to really get to know them on a personal level and impart her wisdom to them.  My kids always leave her classes with a smile on their faces and happy or funny stories to tell from something that happened in class.  She is truly a one of a kind teacher who is knowledgeable and a lot of fun to be around.

Lisa R. – Dance Parent


Dance class with Dana is different from class with other teachers because she lets me express my style through movement. She believes that dancing should be a way to showcase your style and that shows in her choreography.

Brandon R. – Dance Student

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