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Program Vision

Why Choose Revel?

                              So Your Dancer Can...

- Learn to dance

- Build confidence

- Be Inspired

The primary vision at Revel Dance Academy is to make sure anyone who wishes to dance is given the opportunity to dance and feel confident about it. Students will be given the tools to develop their skills with a quality dance education by an experienced instructor.   We believe dance classes should not be only choreography to mimic, but should help students develop a love and appreciation for dance. From that appreciation students will grow a passion for dance that will motivate them to become dancers.  You don’t require a natural ability to appreciate dance and you don’t have to already know all of the skill sets to enjoy dancing. All students will gain the confidence they need to be proud of what they can do.

The second and equally important vision is to make sure all students feel proud of their strengths and abilities regardless of what their peers can do. Everyone should feel good about accomplishments and not have to worry what the person next to them can do. When students are able to feel comfortable in their environment, they thrive and achieve more than they imagined. Dancers will be taught a sense of community among each other that fosters encouragement and support in healthy competition and not comparisons to one another. They will celebrate each other’s strengths and chose kindness in all facets.

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