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Shoe Purchases

Appropriate shoes are required for classes for safety and proper dance execution. You are welcome to purchase your own dance shoes, or shoes through Revel. Shoe sizing will take place the first few weeks  of both full and half year classes (Please make the instructor aware if you have a planned absence and we can size in advance). Families may purchase shoes from their own vendor choice, but we suggest ordering with Revel to ensure styles and colors match. We choose reasonably priced vendors. Prices vary based on classes.


Costume Purchases

Costume sizing will take place the second week of full year (September-April) classes and the second week of half year classes(January-April). Costume fees are included in your tuition. Fees include required costume, all accessories and tights if needed. (Please make the instructor aware if you have a planned absence and we can size in advance).  Costumes will not be distributed to dances until all payments are in full. Costumes will be distributed when they arrive at the studio. Parents are encouraged to attend both sizing and fitting dates to ensure proper fit. Costumes are non-refundable and non-returnable without an instructor approval.

Studio Policies


-No Food or gum is permitted in the dance studio. Clean shoes are required. Water bottles with water only please. Spills attract bugs that we have no interest in sharing our dance space with.


-Please make a habit of using the restroom prior to class. We don’t want your student to miss out on instruction time.

-Families are required to wait in the lobby. Your student can focus best when they are not distracted. Observation dates will be schedule on our dance calendar where families can view class and choreography rehearsals. This does not always pertain to Tot classes.

-Attendance is required. We understand illnesses and special events of course will occur, but excessive repeat absences can negatively impact performances and reduce benefits to dancers. The instructor reserves the right to remove students from performances for absences greater than 10 classes for full year and 5 classes in half year programs. A written doctor’s excuse may be required. It is suggested that dancers review choreography with classmates prior to class start time after an absence. Choreography will always be reviewed the week following new learning, but it will be at a quicker pace than originally taught.


-Tardiness can result in improper warming up and stretching. This can put your student at risk for injury. Please arrive to class on time and in cold weather it is suggested at least 5 minutes prior. Dancers who do not drive themselves, you can assist your families’ timeliness by being prepared with your clothes and shoes when it is time to leave for class.


-Drop off/Pick up: For safety, parents are required to remain with students under age 8 until the start of class. We do not have a reception attendant and therefore will not have someone available to watch students before or after class. Students under 8 years old will not be permitted to leave the dance studio until a parent is visually confirmed. Students under age 12 will also be instructed not to leave the building until a parent is visually confirmed. Please make the instructor is aware if you will have your student meet you in the parking lot.


-Weather/Instructor Illness Cancellations: Unforeseen events may cause cancellations in our program. If local school districts have canceled or local school evening events are canceled, dance classes will also be canceled. Please make sure your phone number and email information are up to date to ensure you receive cancellation alerts. Classes are not rescheduled unless by teacher discretion. If in the event of excessive cancellations occur, makeup classes and/or rain date classes will be scheduled at a later time.


-A recital will be held in spring to showcase all of the hard work your dances have done throughout the year. Ticket information, recital lineup, volunteer information, and general overview will be provided in March. A professional videographer will also be hired to take video of the recital that will be available for purchase. There is a minimal ticket price to attend the recital. Ticket prices cover the cost to rent the facility, pay the necessary staff to keep the recital running smoothly and cover any other associated expenses. Participating dance students not performing in the recital will receive free admission.

-In preparation for the recital, parents may be emailed choreography to assist students in their memorization and sequencing. Each student will also be emailed an MP3 of their edited dance music to rehearse at home. You should expect to see both the video and MP3 in March.



Professional photographers will be hired in spring for studio pictures that will be available for purchase. No purchase is required, but all students will be photo’d in both individual and group poses regardless of intent to purchase. 


Class Placement


-Revel Dance classes are currently arranged for age-appropriateness. Students should sign up for classes that suite their current age. Class curriculum will be designed to accommodate the level of the class. Difficulty level will be increased on an individual basis. The instructor reserves the right to place students in a class other than their age level if it is deemed more appropriate for the dancers’ growth potential.


-Student Conduct

Every dancer should conduct themselves in an appropriate and kind manner. Revel prides itself on the encouragement of one another and the development of community amongst the dancers. Any dancers’ behavior that is seen to undermine those values will be dealt with accordingly.


-Dance Dollars

In an effort to encourage respectful and welcoming behavior as well as a positive attitude towards dance, dancers may be issued “Dance Dollars” when found to be encouraging of another student, demonstrating enthusiasm in a challenging situation, or exemplifying a positive work ethic. “Dance Dollars” may be used at the end of the year towards apparel purchases, small trinkets or bidding on items at our end year wrap up party.


-Parent/Caregiver Conduct

In order to expect our students behave in a certain manner, we must expect the same be demonstrated by our family members. All parents will be held to the same standard as our dancers when it comes to encouraging behavior and a sense of community. Belittling, demeaning or less than desirable behavior will absolutely not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. 


Revel Dance Academy does not issue refunds unless extenuating circumstances warrant it and are approved by the instructor. If you decide a class is not for you, we ask for the opportunity to make it right by issuing a family credit. The credit can be used for any other class of interest to the individual requesting the credit, or it can be used by a family for any class including our workshops and camp classes.


-End Year Wrap Up!

A party will be held at the end of our season following the recital to celebrate the hard work from all of the dancers. Attendance is not required. It will also be an opportunity to pick up pictures and video from the recital and celebrate a successful season!

Studio Policies

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