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introducing! Art classes! 
Explore your inner super hero and create are with your greatest strengths! 

Tot Classes

These classes are separated into full/half year as well as seven weeks sessions throughout the school year and four week sessions through the spring and summer months. The tot classes that are not full/half year do not have a formal recital. There will be an informal performance at the end of each that family and friends are welcome to come and view the class to see what their tot learned! Once students are ready we do ask family members wait in the lobby so your dancer can focus their best. Please remember at this age students are learning the structure of a class. Half of the focus is learning to follow directions and wait their turn. Don’t be discouraged with your dancer if you see these types of struggles during class time.  Also remember some of our students go through a period of separation anxiety during this time. Don’t give up! Many students just need to feel comfortable in their environment before they can learn. Parents of these students are welcome to join class until your dancer is ready.  

Learn and Leap - Learn and Leap is designed for the little mover! This class will help familiarize students with basic shapes, colors, and numbers while increasing their spatial awareness.

Me and My Grown Up -This class is designed for guardians and dancers to bond and play together in a way that explores dance movements and basic rhythm.

Creative Movement - Once dancers are comfortable dancing without their grown up, this is the class for them. Story lines and fairy tales will be used to help dancers with moving creatively and become familiar with basic ballet movements.

Tumble - An excellent opportunity for your little mover to gain coordination, strength and balance. Tumblers will focus on several skill sets that will help them  improve their gross motor skills.

Pre-Ballet - Designed for the little ballerina. The Pre- Ballet class will introduce young dancers to the introductory structure of a ballet class. They will explore the beginning movements and work on familiarizing vocabulary.

Pre-Ballet/Tap Combo Class - An extension of the pre-ballet class. This class will continue to build on basic ballet fundamentals, but will incorporate the rhythms and motions that are the introductory steps to tap.

Jazz- Give your little ones the chance to explore quicker steps with their ballet basics! Fast paced class keeps your kiddos moving while still incorporating basic ballet dance skills!

Hip Hop for Tots - The perfect class for the mover and shaker. The tot hip hop class will give dancers the rhythm and fundamentals required for beginning hip hop styles.

Tap Tumble and Twirl - This class will introduce students to multiple genres to see what your little dancers loves most! We will begin with tap followed by ballet and end with a burst of energy in tumbling!

Youth-Adult Classes


Classes are currently arranged for age-appropriateness. Students should sign up for classes that suite their current age. Class curriculum will be designed to accommodate the level of the class. Difficulty level will be increased on an individual basis. The instructor reserves the right to place students in a class other than their age level if it is deemed more appropriate for the dancers’ growth potential.

Ballet – A dance style characterized by light flowing steps. Dancers will learn the essential basics and fundamental skills required to be a successful dancer. An emphasis on structure and exploration of terminology will be used in this class.  

Tap – Find your rhythm in music with Tap! Tap classes are an excellent resource to increase musicality. Students will have the opportunity to understand the audible sound associated with their movements.

Jazz – With an emphasis on turns, leaps and jumps, students can explore the sequential combinations to elevate their dance technique.  Various styles will be incorporated into classes for broad based learning including the introduction of isolations and contractions.

Lyrical – Rooted in the classical techniques of ballet, lyrical combinations will explore the expressive aspect of dance. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ballet and jazz skills while conveying the emotion of the song that is chosen.

Hip Hop – This style is heavily emphasized on freestyle movement. Students will experiment with jazz style isolations and contractions and incorporate shoulder and body rolls. Students will also have the chance to try their hand at floor tricks and basic break dance skills.

Musical Theater – A jazz based style of dance that incorporates theatrical characteristics and modeling specific personality types.

Poms - Start strengthening your skills as a performance team dancer! The poms class will introduce strength and proper placement training for dancers. Additional focus will be on turns leaps and jumps to help dancers build power and stamina in their performing.

Acrobatics – Expand your dance abilities by adding acrobatics! This class will help dancers incorporate various gymnastics style tricks into their choreography including backbends, back walkovers, cartwheels and round offs.

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