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Class Attire

Proper shoes and hair pulled back from the eyes is required for all classes.


Students are not required to wear specific clothing to class, but encouraged as a benefit for students. Restrictive clothing or items that cover what instructors need to see only prevents students from receiving proper correction and meeting their full potential.


Shoe purchase will be made twice per year;

(Dancers are permitted to purchase their own shoes but run the risk of not matching classmates) 

Third week of September for full year recital classes

Third week of January for half year recital classes



Pink tights, leotard and optional skirt or shorts. Any color ballet shoes are fine for rehearsal, but we will be using pink leather shoes for recital classes.

Please no actual ballet “slippers”, these are bedroom slippers and not actual dance shoes. They are extremely slippery and can cause dancers injury if frequently falling. 



Fitted clothing including tights, leggings, leotards and toe paws



Loose fitting and comfortable clothing and tap shoes. 

Pants should not go past students’ leg length to avoid falls from pants catching between floor and shoes. Tap shoes are required.


Hip Hop

Loose fitting clothes that are non- restrictive and comfortable. Clean sneakers are required, no street shoes are permitted on the dance floor.



Clothing should be comfortable but fitted with jazz shoes. Any color jazz shoes for rehearsal is fine. However, we will be using tan jazz shoes for recital classes.

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